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Changing Download Directories in IK Product Manager

With IK Product Manager, you may change the download location from default to a directory of choice. This may be required if your default internal drive does not have enough space to contain both download files and installed software & sound content.


By default your download path on the IK Product Manager are set to the following locations:


C:\Users > USERNAME > Documents > IK Multimedia > IK Product Manager


Macintosh HD⁩ > ⁨Users⁩ > ⁨USERNAME > ⁨Documents⁩ > ⁨IK Multimedia⁩ > ⁨IK Product Manager⁩

Changing the IK Product Managers default location to a custom location is very easy!

  1. Log into the IK Product Manager and open Preferences by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner.

  2. In Preferences, click on the Browse button. This will pop up a window that will allow you to select your custom location.
    You may select a separate internal or external drive.
  3. Once Selected, all downloads will be directed to this path.


Please note: Once installed, the IK Product Manager will not delete program and sound content installers. You may delete these to save space, but keep in mind that in order to re-install a program, you will need to download them again from the IK Product Manager.
Remember: If you set your downloads to an external drive, be sure to not disconnect that drive during the download or installation process.

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