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IK Product Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Which products are supported by the IK Product Manager?
The IK Product Manager is designed to support all current product versions; therefore, all the legacy products are not supported and will continue to be handled by the previous Authorization Manager. You will see all supported products in the SOFTWARE section of IK Product Manager. Moving forward, all new app releases will utilize IK Product Manager.


Does IK Product Manager replace the Authorization Manager?
IK Product Manager will replace the Authorization Manager for our current product line. Legacy software will still require use of the Authorization Manager.


How can I authorize and register products that are not supported by IK Product Manager?
Legacy products are still handled by and require the Authorization Manager to register and authorize products. Find more information, click here.


Can I unauthorize a product from the IK Product Manager?
Yes. From the IK Product Manager, you can easily see how many authorizations you have left, and also unauthorize a product on the current machine.


IK Product Manager asks me for credentials at login. Which one should I use?
If you already have an IK user account, simply login with your user credentials. If you are a new user, click on the Create Account button and you will be redirected to the IK Multimedia account creation page.


I forgot my Username or Password; how can I proceed?
From the IK Product Manager, click on the “Forgot Username and/or Password?” button, you will be redirected to the credentials reset page.


Will my IK Store purchases automatically display in the IK Product Manager?
Yes. IK Product Manager mirrors the My Product page of the User Area; so when purchasing a product from the IK Store, it will be instantly displayed on the IK Product Manager.


What are the Refresh button functionalities?
The Refresh button will sync with your My Product page of the User Area. Find more information in the IK Product Manager user manual.


Can I register a hardware product?
Yes. When you register a hardware product, it automatically activates the included software. Find more information in the IK Product Manager user manual.


Do I need to Install all products at once?
No. IK Product Manager lets you install products individually from the Software tab at any time.


Can I download multiple software/sounds simultaneously?
The built-in download manager lets you download one software at a time, but you can create a download queue. Each time a download finishes, the installer will open on your machine to complete the installation. Once a download is completed and the installer opens, the next item in the queue will start downloading.


Can I download multiple Add-Ons simultaneously?
Yes. Add-Ons are not related to the built-in download manager. Add-ons can also be downloaded while downloading a software or sound in the meantime.


How can I remove a download from the queue?
If you have more than one product in the download queue, you can easily remove one by clicking on the “Dequeue” button.


How do I specify a custom location for sound library installation?
Find the “More Options” menu by clicking on the three-dot button positioned on the upper right-side of each Sound product. The More Options menu lets you set a different folder position for installing a Sound or the option to reinstall the library from scratch.


Can I proceed with offline registration and installation of my products?
IK Product Manager requires an internet connection in order to authorize, install and update your products.


What operating systems are supported by IK Product Manager?
You can find the current system requirements for IK Product Manager in the Specs page here.


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