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I received this message: “The Serial number has been already registered by another user.”
Why have I not received an order confirmation/serial number yet?
Will I receive an invoice for my order?
I have a Promo Code, how do I apply this in the Store to receive my discount?
How can I view and track my orders made from the IK Multimedia webstore?
Can I change the amount of a Promo Code once generated?
I think I'm missing JamPoints from a recent cancelled or failed order. Did these JamPoints expire or are now gone?
Can I use JamPoints towards a purchase in the Custom Shop?
Are my Custom Shop purchases transferable to other Users?
Are JamPoints and Custom Shop Gear Credits the same thing?
Can I use my JamPoints towards any app or in-app purchases?
What is the difference between Crossgrade, Upgrade, or MAXgrade and how do I qualify?
If I upgrade to T-RackS 5 MAX, can I sell/transfer my previous T-RackS plugins/collection?
What is the Total number of JamPoints you can redeem in the IK Store?
Sales and Ordering FAQs
What does my Order Status mean?
Sales and Ordering FAQs
What does my Order Status mean?
How do I download and get started with my software? (Digital Delivery)
I've received Internal Server Error (code -502), what does this mean?
How do I get my promotional item for the Studio Step-up promotion?
How to get your included T-RackS 5 TASCAM Porta One (with select TASCAM products)
Does my free T-RackS TASCAM PortaOne qualify me for upgrade pricing?
How do I try new gear from inside T-RackS 5 CS (FREE)?
What is included free with T-RackS 5 CS and how do I get my copy?



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