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How do I install AmpliTube 5 presets from IK Product Manager?

Download and open the IK Product Manager, then go to Manage My Products to find AmpliTube 5. All available presets will be found under the Presets tab. Once downloaded, extract your files*, and you will find both a copy of these instructions as well as your preset files ready for use.

Note - If you cannot find your downloaded files, press the gear icon in the IK Product Manager's upper right hand corner to find your currently set download path.

These files will be .at5p type files, organized in folders which can be added to your AmpliTube 5 presets folder. Below are the locations for the presets folder on both Mac and PC systems.

MacOS: /Users/USERNAME/Documents/IK Multimedia/AmpliTube 5/presets/
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 5\Presets

Once these files/folders are added to your AmpliTube 5 presets folder, you will then see these new presets ready to be loaded in AmpliTube 5.

Looking to import legacy presets from AmpliTube 4? Click here.

*To extract files on macOS, double click the compressed (.zip) file. On Windows 10, right click the compressed (.zip) file and select "Extract All..." and select a location for your newly extracted files.

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