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What is a D.I box and do I need one?

A D.I (Direct Inject/Input) box is a very useful tool which originated back in the 1960s. Designed mainly to bridge live gear to the studio. In technical terms they are used to drop the impedance of a source to a low impedance level, that works better with an audio interface.

Mainly these are used for guitar and bass players when recording or live on stage, but there are many other applications. See our page of examples here. This is especially useful for complimenting the input on an audio interface. Since an interfaces in essence is a complete studio all built into one device; from the pre-amps, headphone amplifier, D/A and A/D conversion, and not all inputs are created equally. This allows you to upgrade this one section of your existing audio interface without any physical changes to your set up, improving the clarity in your signal giving you’re a better start to your projects.

Most D.I boxes, like the Z-Tone D.I also offer a Ground Lift which helps prevent any noise when applying your signal. This is very useful when you want to get the cleanest signal possible. Another common feature used on D.I boxes is a Pad. This is used to step the level of the signal down a significant amount. On the Z-Tone D.I, this can drop your signal -20dB, which can help when recording very loud sources.

In summary, the D.I (Direct Inject/Input) box is an essential tool for an audio engineer either on the field doing gigs, or back at the studio.  Designed getting the perfect source sent into your audio interface, mixer, or other gear.

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