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The Creator Series by IK Multimedia

Unmask your creativity

The Creator Series is a collection of affordable, mobile-friendly tools designed for video content creators, YouTubers, live streamers, and anyone looking to capture high quality audio and video using a mobile device.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, video photographer or digital influencer, you’ll find iRig microphones here that let you easily record audio to any device, create content and share it with your audience.

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Creator Series microphones

  • Designed for all today’s latest devices
  • Seamlessly work with all your favorite apps
  • Clear, professional audio quality in any situation
  • The best way to connect, create and share
  • Made in Italy for years of reliable use

Find the right iRig for you

iRig Mic Cast 2 | iRig Cast HD

Dual-sided voice microphones

Pocket size for crystal clear speech anywhere

A new dual-capsule design lets you select front or rear pick-up patterns to reject off-axis noise whether you’re recording yourself or someone else. You can also select both at once, for an omnidirectional pattern that’s ideal for recording interviews and Q&As. Available in analog and HD digital formats.

Works with iOS, Android and Mac/PC

iRig Mic Video

Shotgun microphone for distance recording

Focused sound that rejects background noise

Capture better audio for video with this noise-rejecting digital shotgun microphone and stand out from the crowd with serious production quality. iRig Mic Video is compatible with the widest range of devices – smartphones, tablets and DSLR cameras – and comes with multiple mounting options.

Works with iOS, Android, Mac/PC and DSLR cameras


iRig Mic Lav

The chainable lavalier mic with monitoring

Clip it on, and you'll (both) be ready to roll

This ultra-affordable and compact mobile lavalier microphone offers on-board headphone monitoring and the ability to chain up to two iRig Mic Lav's to the same device. Each iRig Mic Lav captures high-quality audio thanks to its omnidirectional condenser capsule and foam pop shield.

Works with iOS and Android


iRig Mic | iRig Mic HD 2

Handheld condenser microphones

Quality audio and vocal recordings made easy

iRig Mics have a highly unidirectional condenser-electret microphone capsule that provides quality recording in all conditions and feature real time monitoring via a headphone out. Their familiar form is perfect for handheld performance or using a mic stand. Available in analog and HD digital formats.

Works with iOS, Android and Mac/PC

iRig Mic Studio

Ultra-portable studio condenser microphone

Professional-quality recordings anywhere

Smaller than an iPhone, iRig Mic Studio features a large 1” diameter back electret condenser capsule, a 24-bit audiophile-grade A/D converter (with 44.1/48 kHz sample rate) and a built-in high-definition preamp. With a 133dB SPL rating, this versatile mic makes optimal recordings at any volume.

Works with iOS, Android and Mac/PC


Designed for all today’s latest devices

The Creator Series offers complete solutions that work with your device of choice, providing the exact audio response you need to plug in, record and stream.

Seamlessly work with all your favorite apps

We develop all Creator Series microphones to work with the best apps out there, and continually collaborate with new app developers to guarantee future compatibility.

Clear, professional audio quality in any situation

Starting with the capsules and connectors, we select each microphone component for its sound quality and reliability without compromise, so you don’t have to.

The best way to connect, create and share

Designed and made in Italy, each Creator Series microphone is built to provide years of functionality, convenience and above all, the best sound quality possible.


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