18 Apr 2019

New video features the iconic guitarist sharing his recording process and the importance of finding the right tools

17 Apr 2019

“It’s one of those products that you didn’t know you needed until you got it, and then can’t do without."

16 Apr 2019

Digital scoring is made much easier with the help of iRig BlueTurn.

12 Apr 2019

"AXE I/O is a very well conceived product that delivers what is promised"

12 Apr 2019

Take 60% off T-RackS 5 Stealth Limiter.

11 Apr 2019

“A must-have for synth enthusiasts!”

11 Apr 2019

Resource optimization, fixes, and updated Authorization Manager

11 Apr 2019

"iLoud Micro Monitors have an amazing sound and volume for such a small portable speaker.”

10 Apr 2019

"UNO Synth offers a lot of power in a small box. I love it!"

10 Apr 2019

"It will serve you equally well on stage or in the studio"

10 Apr 2019

"I give UNO Synth my unreserved, highest recommendation"

09 Apr 2019

Great accolade to be placed alongside the greats of the synthesizer world

04 Apr 2019

AmpliTube iOS adds Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection

04 Apr 2019

Save up to 50% on high-gain AmpliTube collections.

04 Apr 2019

Save 40% on T-RackS EQ processors

04 Apr 2019

50% off Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Complete Symphonic Sample Library

03 Apr 2019

Groove3 is giving away free SampleTank 4 training videos with every signup for a free account.

02 Apr 2019

“It will transform the way in which you record guitar music”

01 Apr 2019

Buy UNO Synth and get a free software title up to $/€199.99.

29 Mar 2019

Guitar Player uses AXE I/O's guitar tone shaping features and says "The difference was noticeable and musical."

29 Mar 2019

"SampleTank 4 has indeed become a true musician’s playground”

29 Mar 2019

"iKlip 3 is a sturdy and versatile clamp that will hold almost all tablets."

28 Mar 2019

In-depth video digs deep into the guitar tone-shaping capabilities of AXE I/O audio interface

27 Mar 2019

The Spanish artist recently talked to us about his favorite music production tools

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