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Chief Editor Paul White concludes that it is a "very attractive mixing and mastering package"

25 April 2013

Reviewing T-RackS Custom Shop Grand in the May 2013 issue of Sound on Sound magazine, chief editor and audio guru, Paul White said: "When you consider that some single plug-ins cost more than the entire Grand bundle, it has to be considered a real bargain".

Here are some more of his comments:

"The first new module I tried was the [British] Console strip. This has a very capable EQ section that is straightforward to operate and sounds musical as well as being adequately assertive. Its compressor section also works predictably and smoothly, making it a very practical means of polishing individual tracks or bus mixes".

"[The DeEsser] makes a welcome addition to the package and its wide control range makes it useful on instruments as well as voices."

"I welcome the addition of a stereo image processor, as I always liked the one built into the Drawmer Masterflow mastering unit".

"Doing practical tests on the new modules proved them to be very capable performers, and a welcome addition to what was already a very attractive mixing and mastering package".

Key Points

+ Solid audio quality
+ Very configurable, thanks to the provision of shell plug-in and standalone version
+ Clear interface
+ Exceptional value

Final conclusion

"T-Rack CS Grand is a great-value collection of genuinely useful mixing and mastering plug-ins with the bonus of the shell program's metering, the ability to integrate other IK T-RackS software on your system such as their reverbs. and the ability to purchase individual modules to expand the lighter versions of T-RackS".

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