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MusicTech magazine tells you why T-RackS CS is seriously worth considering

18 April 2013

MusicTech has run an in-depth review of T-RackS CS Grand by audio specialist Hollin Jones.

Hollin was completely impressed by this new T-RackS. Here are some of his comments:

"T-RackS remains an excellent mastering suite with great metering tools and powerful, easy-to-use processing modules."

"The ability to load plug-ins separately inside your DAW means that you're not just getting a mastering suite, but modules that can be used for everyday tracking and mixing operations too."

"For newcomers, T-RackS CS represents a very flexible way to get into mastering by giving you the option to buy only those modules you actually need, and the learning curve shouldn't prove that steep."

"Given the importance of mastering in today's music-technology landscape ... investing in a dedicated mastering suite like T-RackS is seriously worth considering."

Hollin's final verdict is:

"Expanding T-RackS with the Custom Shop makes tailoring your mastering toolset easier, and the familiar and friendly interface remains. A great mastering suite for users of any level."

Key plus points:

+ Powerful mastering tools
+ Gentle learning curve
+ Flexible approach to buying additional modules
+ Great Sound
+ Fairly CPU efficient
+ Easy to master multiple tracks
+ 64 bit when run as a plug-in
+ New modules sound good
+ Useful metering section
+ Free version available

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