23 Feb 2018

"Syntronik sounds amazing, and remarkably true to its source material"

26 Jan 2018

"Most rigorously sourced and extremely high quality sound material"

21 Dec 2017

Stoni Music's video review takes a look at IK's vintage synth software

08 Nov 2017

Our legendary synth powerhouse put to the test by Tom Wies of Synth Anatomy.

02 Nov 2017

Eli Krantzberg reviews IK's legendary synth powerhouse

23 Oct 2017

"Sounding phenomenal and supremely responsive"

20 Oct 2017

"A great collection at a great price"

13 Oct 2017

Awards, artist news and More FREE Sounds for IK's synth powerhouse

04 Oct 2017

"Syntronik is an absolute hit, a must for every synth fan"

28 Sep 2017

"Wish I Had One " review of IK's new synth software

19 Sep 2017

"The sounds are great and musically useful"

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