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DJ Booth's review of IK's new legendary synth virtual instrument

15 August 2017

Here are some quotes from the review of Syntronik by DJ Booth:

“With so many options on the market, we’re always looking for vintage emulations that break new ground or offer a genuine step up in sound quality and functionality - something IK Multimedia has done with their newly released Syntronik plugin.  Offering stunning emulations of 17 legendary instruments - including the Minimoog Model D, Jupiter 8, Prophet 10 and more - and an exhaustive 50GB sample library, Syntronik might just be the most complete option on the market for producers craving that vintage synth vibe.”

“Firing up Syntronik for the first time, it’s immediately clear there is a great deal of depth on offer here. 17 vintage synth units populate the left side of the plugin browser, and clicking a unit opens a patch list in the main browser.”

“You certainly can do sound design in Syntronik and the sounds are phenomenal - it’s just not built for in-depth tweaking in the same way. Personally, I liked this simplicity - Syntronik is easier to use for quick inspiration with less tweaking and navigating through sub menus.”

First up, the quality of the sampling and the depth of the library is nothing short of astounding. We have several other workhorse sample libraries aimed at this same niche, and Syntronik seems to us to have the highest quality samples we’ve heard of these famed analog synths. It’s clear the IK team put a tremendous amount of time and effort into finding good vintage units to sample and building this library. Loading up patches is an instant infusion of fat analog vibe into your DAW.”

“IK has taken a giant step in the right direction with Syntronik. There is a natural vibe and variance to these patches that I haven’t found elsewhere in the box, and it goes a long way towards making Syntronik the most authentic sounding vintage emulation that we’ve tried.”

“As far as the individual models, the Moog, Jupiter, and Juno rank at the top of any in the box emulations we’ve heard. There’s searing leads, gigantic basses, and loads of fun to be had tweaking the filters and oscillators across these various models. While I still can’t say that a plugin has ever given me quite the same feeling of inspiration as the real thing, Syntronik comes substantially closer than anything we’ve heard before. I was also really pleased to see what I believe is the first Alesis Andromeda A6 emulation in software form, as it’s one of my favorite synths ever built - and the Syntronik model captures a great deal of what makes it so fun to play with.”

In conclusion, I’d recommend Syntronik to any producer looking for vintage synth vibes for their DAW - you simply won’t find a better, more accurate, more inspiring vintage synth plugin on the market today. With over 50GB of samples, scores of quality effect plugins, and top-notch sound quality, there’s an incredible amount on offer here for any producer in search of analog depth in their productions. Given it’s affordable price, 2,000+ patches, and ease of use, it’s hard to imagine there’s a better first synth for producers looking to expand the built-in functionality of their DAW.“

Read the review of Syntronik from DJ Booth

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