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iRig AcousticAcoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone and iPad

iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar




"Superb! - A fantastic little gadget that could transform the way you play live"

18 April 2017

Reviewing iRig Acoustic Stage in the May 2017 issue of Acoustic Magazine, guitar guru Alun Lower was blown away by its sound, build quality and versatility. Here are some of his key comments:

"An unobtrusive, high performance electronics package that any player can use."

"Out of the box, the iRig Acoustic Stage is an impressive-looking piece of kit. Sleek, modern and with refreshingly few wires and add-ons, it looks like a gadget that means business."

"The microphone is impressively easy to install - simply slide it over the soundhole of your guitar and hey presto!"

"The sheer clarity and breadth of tone this thing produces is just so impressive."

"The tone is balanced, natural and superbly clear, while keeping the nuances of your guitar's tone intact."

"I tried blending from my test guitar's Fishman Presys output, and again the iRig performed admirably - given the option I think I'd bypass the built-in electronics and just use the iRig."

"The iRig Acoustic Stage is a beautifully simple and simply beautiful sounding piece of kit."

Alun's final verdict says it all:

"This little device is potentially a transformative factor in your choice of guitar - giving live performers the choice of literally any stringed instrument they can lay their hands on. That possibility alone is worth its weight in gold, but to add to that the excellent tonal performance just seals the deal."

Acoustic Magazine rating:

Build quallity: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5
Overall score: 5/5


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