Product Spotlight

ARC System 2.5Plug-in de Sistema de Correção Acústica de Sala

SyntronikA Lendária Casa de Força da Síntese

iRig Pro I/OInterface de áudio/MIDI universal ultracompacta para iPhone, iPad, Android e Mac/PC

Fender Collection 2 for iPadTimbre Fender clássico no seu iPad

Fulltone CollectionA coleção oficial de efeitos Fulltone® para AmpliTube

iRig Recorder 3 for AndroidApp de gravação e edição de áudio profissional com vídeo para Android

iRig RecorderApp de gravação e edição de áudio profissional com vídeo para iPhone/iPad

iRig Acoustic StageSistema de microfone digital avançado para violão acústico

Fender Collection 2The iconic collection of Fender® amps from the '57 Custom Series, '53 Bassman and '65 Super Reverb

MODO BASSO primeiro instrumento virtual de baixo elétrico modelado fisicamente

iLoud Micro MonitorMonitores de referência para estúdio ultra-compactos de alta qualidade

iRig Pro Duo Studio SuiteInclui: iRig Pro Duo, iRig Mic Studio XLR, iRig Headphones, AmpliTube 4, T-RackS Deluxe, Mic Room, SampleTank 3 SE e Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE para Mac/PC

iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite DeluxeInclui: iRig Pro Duo, iRig Keys Pro, iRig Mic Studio XLR, iRig Headphones, AmpliTube 4, T-RackS Deluxe, Mic Room, SampleTank 3 SE e Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE para Mac/PC

iRig HD 2Interface digital de guitarra de qualidade profissional para iPhone, iPad, Mac e PC

Lurssen Mastering Console for iPhone/iPadApp de masterização de áudio para iPhone/iPad

Lurssen Mastering ConsoleSoftware de masterização de áudio para Mac/PC

Total Studio MAXO mais avançado bundle para estúdios: Inclui AmpliTube MAX, SampleTank MAX, T-RackS MAX e Miroslav Philharmonik 2.

AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for iPadTimbre MESA/Boogie no seu iPad

iRig Pro DuoInterface universal áudio/MIDI de dois canais para iPhone, iPad, Android e Mac/PC

AmpliTube 4 DeluxeSoftware hiper-realista de amp de guitarra e efeitos com mais de 116 peças de equipamento

iRig Mic StudioMicrofone digital condensador de diafragma grande para iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android e Mac/PC

iRig 2Adaptador interface de guitarra e instrumento para iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac e Android
The old news about IK Multimedia

DJ anytime, everywhere with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

With its slim, lightweight form factor iRig MIX is considerably smaller than traditional DJ mixers and can be carried anywhere you take your iPhone or iPad, is easy to stow and perfect for performers on the go...


"IK Multimedia take the crack-on next level with this DJ app and mixer package"

MixMag, which is also known as the world's dance music and clubbing destination, regularly selects the very best of the best DJ and music gear for special acclaim in their "The Chosen Ones" feature....


Karaoke with any song of your choice

Don’t want to pay for Karaoke! songs? Now you can karaoke with any song of your choice. Simply open your iTunes library and Karaoke! using IK’s iRig Mic with any song for FREE....


PDF sheet music viewer for iPad

iGigBook™, combined with IK’s iKlip, is the next generation of PDF sheet music viewing on your iPad. Say goodbye to heavy and non-searchable stacks of books and binders. Say hello to having quick access to your entire music collection wherever you go. ...


A practice piano for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Combined with IK’s iRig MIDI, you can practice your piano skills anywhere with your iPad! When the game starts, Piano Tutor will display some random notes on the piano sheet. Simply try to play the note as fast as you can! Therefore unlike many of the other piano apps, this app is both fun and educational!...


"I was astounded by the quality - and sheer choice - of the sounds!"

"The sounds available are incredibly realistic and it's possible to lose entire days just flicking through rigs and playing a few riff ideas. A few clicks can take you from a sparkly clean guitar sound to a meaty, skull-crushing distorted tone that would make even the most hardened of metal fans quake in their leather boots."...


50% off SampleTank for iOS and All Sounds Pack

IK Multimedia is proud to announce we have extended our SampleTank for iOS special sale until May 31st, 2012. If you have not downloaded the pro-quality sound and groove workstation for your iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad now is your chance. Get SampleTank for iOS for only $9.99/ €7.99 (normally $19.99/ €15.99) on the App Store, and the All Sounds pack for only $19.99/ €15.99 (normally $39.99/ €31.99) through in-app purchase...


Reghardware says: "The ideal tablet stand for musos"

"It’s a robust stand - when in situ, the iPad feels rock solid. And, thanks to its rubber feet, it won’t slide across a desk. As a stand for holding the iPad steady when you've got it hooked up to a guitar, keyboard, or microphone, it's unmatched."...


An Ableton Live controller for iPhone/ iPod touch/ iPad

LiveRemote is a dedicated iOS control surface for Ableton Live 8 presenting a totally integrated remote solution for Ableton users. IK’s iKlip Studio is the perfect companion to LiveRemote. You can position your iPad at the perfect angle to control your session from your studio desk, or anywhere around your room...


Quick, useful, unlimited high quality audio recording for your iPhone/iPad

Voice Recorder HD is a high quality recorder for businessman, audio professional, sound engineer, and anyone else who needs to manage voice memos. Combined with IK’s iRig Mic you have the perfect solution for all your recording needs...


An analog-style MIDI step sequencer for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Little MIDI Machine is an analog-style MIDI step sequencer app for CoreMIDI and/or the iRig MIDI interface adapter. It gives you the step sequencing power of a hardware analog sequencer on your iOS device...


Wired's GeekDad explains why iRig MIX is great value for money

"The quality and versatility of the iRig MIX hardware and DJ Rig app are hard to beat. The build quality is good, as I have come to expect from the iRig brand. I use the iRig MIC on a daily basis when recording video interviews on my iPhone."...


Vocal and musicianship tools suite.

VocalizeU is a ground-breaking new app that provides singers and musicians with a revolutionary suite of vocal and musicianship tools. Using the iRig Mic, VocalizeU turns your iPad into a complete vocal studio, providing you with everything you need to be the best singer, performer, or musician....


Wi-Fi MIDI virtual control surface

Drumming, composing, jamming, mixing, tweaking and just plain mucking around have never been so easy. You can use the iRig Midi with Instrumental to connect to any MIDI software running on your Mac or Windows PC, such as Reason, Ableton Live, Reaper, Cubase, etc. ...


Music creation studio for iPad

iSequence HD is one of the most powerful music creation studios designed exclusively for iPad. IK’s iKlip is the perfect solution for navigating its intuitive 8-track sequencer, tons of instruments, and flexible mixer. You’ll easily be able to program and record professional loops, beats and melodies. ...

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