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VocaLive for iPhone/iPod touch

Real-time vocal effects for the stage or studio

A professional vocal processor for iPhone that you can use anywhere

VocaLive is a professional vocal processor that lets you practice, perform and record on your iPhone or iPod touch (and iPad).

With VocaLive, singers and songwriters get studio-quality sound in a portable package with a suite of 12 real-time professional vocal effects and a capable multitrack recorder. Record your voice and then process it with a chain of up to 3 effects. You can even save your favorite effect chains as presets — a collection of 50 presets is included to help you get up and running right from the get-go.

VocaLive lets you record vocals, process your recordings with effects, sing along to any song in your iTunes Music library — its Voice Cancel feature lets you practice over the existing vocals — and warm up your voice with its helpful included vocal warm-up tools. Bring it with you to your next gig: Now you can use your iOS device live on stage as your main vocal processor!

For a show-stopping performance, use VocaLive with IK's range of high-quality microphones and audio interfaces, like the new iRig Mic HD handheld digital microphone, iRig PRO, iRig Mic or iRig PRE. Or to record sketches and quick ideas, you can also use it with the built-in microphone on your iPhone or earbuds. No matter how you choose to use it, VocaLive gives you the most portable and powerful vocal processing tool for iPhone.

iRig Mic HD iRig PRO iRig Mic iRig PRE


But that's not all, now in VocaLive there's a powerful new Studio section, that lets you record and edit audio with the advanced flexibility and precision of a DAW-style interface: You get a detailed waveform visualization (with a time grid and quick undo/redo), touch-and-drag looping, easy punch-in and punch-out recording, a quick per-channel FX enable/disable button and streamlined access to all recording and mixing controls. It's also Audiobus compatible, which means it can be opened through the Audiobus app (a 3rd-party app that requires separate purchase), and used along with other compatible apps, such as AmpliTube, for real-time multi-app audio routing.



What's new

  • Real-time vocal processor and recording app
  • 3 processor vocal rig chain
  • 12 vocal effects
  • Single-track Recorder expandable to full 8 tracks recording studio with mixer and master effects section (available for in-app purchase)
  • Copy and paste audio between tracks in the recorder, or between compatible apps
  • Import and play songs to be used as backing tracks directly from your iTunes Music library or computer
  • Voice Cancel feature lets you create sing-along backing tracks by removing the vocal track from existing recordings
  • Export high quality audio (WAV/m4A) via email, FTP and iTunes file sharing
  • 50 factory Presets included with 40 Favorites for fast recall
  • Number of user Presets limited only by device memory
  • MIDI control feature for real-time “on the fly” parameter control and preset switching with a standard MIDI controller and MIDI interface for iPad (feature is free for iRig MIDI users, available as in-app purchase)
  • "Restore Purchases" feature restores your in-app purchases
  • Digital audio input support
  • Includes metronome and vocal warm-up scale tools
  • Low-latency for real-time vocal processing
  • Compatible with Audiobus
  • FREE version also available
  • Studio section (available via in-app purchase) offers DAW-style editing features
  • AutoFreeze (allows each track to have its own full effects chain)

How it works

3 FX Chain

Get real

VocaLive is just that: It's a live, "real-time" vocal processing app. Due to its ultra-low latency design, you can use it on stage to truly take control of your vocal effects or use it live in the studio. VocalLive provides high-resolution audio processing and versatile digital audio input support with a visually stunning visual interface (and it's even better if you have a Retina device). You want real? You got real!

3 daisy-chained effects

VocaLive features 3 effect "slots". You'll use these to select effects and create chains for recording. Similar to a guitar effects pedalboard, you can turn on or off each effect with just a touch of your finger. VocaLive also makes it easy to reconfigure your effects chain to creatively experiment and make totally new sounds. Once you get your sound, you can save it into your preset bank for fast recall or save it to one of the four "favorites" buttons for even faster access.

More vocal effects

Okay, so VocaLive gives you the basics you'll need to make your performance really stand out — delays, reverbs, de-essers… standard vocal fare. But you also get some pretty insane effects that will totally change your voice, giving you the opportunity to sound like a chimp, a chipmunk, a giant, a mosquito or a complete church choir. You'll get the Morph X/Y formant and pitch adjustment effect that totally changes who you are, no matter who you are. The Choir effect adds natural sounding scale-based harmonies (up to 3 parts) with independent level controls. There's also a Pitch Fix effect that can be used to gently correct pitch — you can even use it to create a completely different "hard jump" effect. Other effects include: Delay, Chorus, Compressor, Parametric EQ, Reverb, Envelope Filter, Phazer, Doubler and a De-Esser.

What’s more, the new AutoFreeze feature allows you to “freeze” the effects on a track (in other words, write them to the track), freeing up VocaLive’s effects for use on another track, which can then be frozen and so forth. As a result, you can have full effects on every track. And if you want to go back and tweak an effects setting, no problem, you can “un-freeze” the effects on a track to make your adjustments.


Hit record

VocaLive comes with a single-track recorder giving you the ability to quickly and easily record your vocals. This recorder can be expanded into a 4-track recorder, which allows you to record multiple voices, instruments and more, and then mix and export. The Recorder section is actually divided into two intuitive sections: the “Record” section and the “Mixer” section. The Record section is extremely easy to use and features a visual metronome with a tap-tempo button, quick-reference metering and a Loop button for looping sections for playback and practice. The mixer section gives you access to all of the standard mixing functions: Pan, Mute, Solo, Track Level and effect “application” buttons. The recorder is a fantastic "idea grabber" feature that lets you quickly experiment with different effects and capture your thoughts and share them with the world.


A studio in the palm of your hand

Now VocaLive gives you even greater editing flexibility thanks to its new “Studio” screen (available via in-app purchase), which gives you a full professional editing suite with DAW-style features like waveform visualization (with a time grid and quick undo/redo), touch-and-drag looping, easy punch-in and punch-out recording, a quick per-channel FX enable/disable button and streamlined access to all recording and mixing controls. This means that you can now compose, arrange, remix, edit and produce complete songs start to finish on the go, anytime and everywhere, with the same level of high-end studio quality found in your desktop/laptop recording, sequencing and editing programs. Just another dramatic turn in the mobile music making revolution!

The ultimate sing along

VocaLive also features a song import function with a No Voice button. This feature lets you import your favorite songs and then "cancel" out the center pan section (where most vocals are placed in the mix) so you can sing along with your favorite band — it's a great practice tool for performance. You can also import your songs/backing tracks directly to a track in the recorder section and capture your best performance as it happens.

A voice coach in your pocket

VocaLive also comes with some pretty handy tools to help you warm up. The Vocal Trainer feature provides you with scale reference notes for warmup, plus there's a built-in metronome to help you make sure your timing is spot-on.

Share the love

So let’s say you’ve captured the true essence of the human spirit in a single performance. Now what? Let it sit dormant in your phone, never to be discovered by the modern civilized world? NO! VocaLive to the rescue! You can share the love instantly by exporting your masterpiece via email, iTunes file sharing or FTP. Pretty cool, huh? No thanks necessary… just remember us when you hit the big time.

Hop on the bus

Audiobus Download Audiobus

VocaLive is Audiobus compatible. Audiobus is a third-party app (not included) that allows for real-time audio routing between up to three apps. VocaLive can be used in any of the three Audiobus slots — Input, Effects, Output — in the Audiobus chain.

INPUT: Sing through VocaLive’s effect, and send your audio on to other apps in the chain.

EFFECTS: Use VocaLive’s powerful effects to process audio from another instrument app.

OUTPUT: Use VocaLive to process and/or record the audio coming from up to two other apps.


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