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"A great collection at a great price"

20 October 2017

Reviewing Syntronik in the November issue of MusicTech, synth guru Andy Jones was knocked out by its great sounds, huge library of presets and fantastic effects section. Here are some of his key comments:

"Where the software excels is what you can do with the source material."

"The 38 effects are superb and sound as great as they look, all racked up against each other."

"Among my favourite inclusions in Syntronik are the digital synths, which are perhaps now being looked at in as high regard as their analogue forefathers."

"The layering feature can have up to four presets layered together or split across your keyboard. This in itself breathes life into just about everything you do, as each layer can have its own arpeggiation."

"When you layer these sounds and arpeggiations together Syntronik will take you into new and unexpected sonic territories."

"The great thing about Syntronik is that it includes some newer synths too."

Andy's final verdict is:

"Syntronik is a lot of synth for your money. There's pretty much everything you need for any kind of electronic usic making at its core, but the addition of the layering, the effects and some digital classics means that you can take its sound well beyond that of just vintage. A great collection at a great price."

Key Plusses

+ Great core sounds
+ A more varied collection of presets than you might imagine
+ Love the digital inclusions
+ The ability to layer is great
+ Fantastic effects
+ Nice to get those preset multis

MusicTech's final score is 9/10
Syntronik receives MusicTech's prestigious Choice Award and Value Award

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Learn more about Syntronik here


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