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Brian Brylow: "Syntronik a true force to be reckoned with!“

31 July 2017

Here are some quotes from Brian Brylow's review of Syntronik from

“I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat since Syntronik was first announced. I watched every video and all of the back-and-forth dialogue in the Internet forums arguing about how this was just going to be another sampled synthesizer. I obviously see my fair share of sampled instruments and as a collector and avid synthesist I have my own opinions about many of them as well. This is an entirely different beast and it exceeded my expectations to a great degree. Syntronik definitely lives up to the hype!”

“There are over 2000 presets that are included with Syntronik. When you think about the fact that some of the machines that they are derived from had 64 to 128 total presets each, the number is pretty impressive. Each synth instrument has a custom graphical interface that represents the look and feel of the original hardware.”

“The four-part layering capability is one of the shining highlights…I really found the layering section to yield some stunning results without having to stack a group of VSTs in my DAW.”

Syntronik see’s IK Multimedia roaring back into the spotlight, this time with a venerable treasure trove of amazing multi-sampled vintage synthesizers. The combination of their new DRIFT oscillator algorithm, seven classic filters, unique multi-part sound construction and an impressive array of effects make Syntronik a true force to be reckoned with!“

"When you first turn on a piece of analog gear it takes time for the circuitry to warm up. That is where Syntronik’s DRIFT algorithm kicks in simulating the physical hardware.”

“If you are a SampleTank 3 user, Syntronik provides full integration of all the sounds and functionality to layer with your other instruments."

Syntronik: INNOVATION AWARD Winner!

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