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Loop Drummer for AmpliTube

Your personal session drummer

Loop Drummer

Inside AmpliTube, you'll find a powerful loop-based rhythm module called Loop Drummer that makes it easy for anyone to create great sounding drum tracks.

Loop Drummer can play on its own or act as the drum section for the AmpliTube recorder. It automatically syncs to the recorder’s transport, so when you hit play or record, Loop Drummer plays along in perfect time.

But Loop Drummer offers way more than just loops that play over and over, its unique Remix feature intelligently generates full-length drum parts with intros, alternate beats, fills and endings, or, if you'd prefer, you can build them yourself. It’s even got its own mix window. Let’s take a closer look.


Loop Drummer

The loops

Loop Drummer comes with a collection of rock loops, but you can expand it easily and inexpensively via in-app purchase. We offer Style Packs that contain 64 loops each, and give you eight different song-construction kits based around a core drum beat. For each you get all the song parts you’ll need to put an awesome, and full-length drum track together.

The Style Packs come in all major genres including Rock, Blues, Country, Pop, Funk, Punk, Metal, and Electro. The latest version of AmpliTube adds new alternate versions of the existing styles plus three entirely new styles: Jazz, Latin and Reggae. You can buy them individually, or get All-Style Pack, which contains all the content of the original packs or All-Style Pack 2, which contains all the content of the new packs. All told, there are over 1000 loops in the Loop Drummer collection!


Instant drum tracks

Press the Remix button and Loop Drummer uses an intelligent algorithm to instantly construct a full drum track — and it structures it like a producer would. Each time you press it you get a different variation. The possibilities are endless, and the tracks offer inspiration for jamming, practicing and composition.


If you're a "hands-on" kind of musician, you can build the track yourself by auditioning loops in Loop Drummer's browser, and dragging and dropping them in the timeline. If you want to tweak the part, you can easily move loops around, add crashes, tap in a new tempo, and more.


All together now

Loop Drummer

One of the most impressive features about Loop Drummer is how it works in tandem with AmpliTube’s recorder. Hit play or record on the recorder, and Loop Drummer plays along, perfectly in sync. With the multitrack option for the recorder (available as an in-app purchase), you have the tools to put together full productions, including authentic sounding drum parts.

What’s more, Loop Drummer’s audio doesn’t take up any tracks on the recorder. It has its own separate audio channel, which is combined automatically with the recorder’s output. You can adjust the drum level vis-a-vis the recorder’s tracks with Loop Drummer’s volume control to create great mixes.


But wait, there's more

There are other ways to use Loop Drummer to enhance your AmpliTube experience. On a basic level, you can use the drums as a really cool sounding metronome when you’re practicing.

It’s also great for jamming. Plug your guitar into your interface (we hope you’re using aniRig HD, iRig Pro or an iRig STOMP, all of which totally rock), then dial up a really cool sound, turn on Loop Drummer with either a loop or a sequence going, and just start playing. You can really get into the groove that way, and who knows? Maybe it will inspire your playing or spark some really great songwriting ideas (or hopefully, both).

iRig PRO iRig HD iRig STOMP


Export options

Once you’ve put together drum parts that you like, and you want to use them in other applications, Loop Drummer lets you do that easily. Pressing the Export button in Mix Mode brings up the Export Sequence dialog, where you can send your sequence to the iOS Clipboard, or to the File Sharing app folder for iTunes File Sharing with your computer.



  • Loop-based drum module that can be opened from inside AmpliTube
  • 1024 loops available in a variety of musical styles
  • Syncs automatically with AmpliTube recorder
  • Remix button intelligently generates unique drum sequences from the loops in the Groove
  • Audio from Loop Drummer appears as a separate audio channel on the AmpiTube recorder
  • Loops change tempo to match Loop Drummer’s tempo setting
  • Mixer section allows for independent drum volume adjustment and drum track soloing
  • Timeline-style arranging of drum parts
  • Set custom-length looping sections
  • Export drum sequences to iOS Clipboard or via File Sharing

How it Works

Loop Drummer

Loop Drummer’s interface is super simple. Choose a Style and Groove by pressing the arrows near the top and bottom respectively. The circle in the middle of the window with the snare drum in it is called the Ring Browser. It’s where the loops from the selected Groove are displayed. (If you don’t like the new-fangled circular look, you can change it to a conventional list view). The button outside the ring with the speaker icon is the Preview Button, press it, and it lights to show it's activated. Now, press any loop in the Ring Browser and it will play.

The Timeline at the bottom of the window is where the loops in the drum sequence go. If you're using the Remix feature, the arrangement will show up there after you press the Remix button (the circular arrows on the upper right of the screen). If you're building the arrangment manually, drag a loop from the browser into the timeline and it’s now part of your arrangement. Press, hold and drag a loop over another and they switch places. Highlight a loop in the timeline and press the cymbal button and it adds a crash on the downbeat. Set the tempo by tapping the tempo button or entering in a value.

Press the Mix button for accessing the circular volume control, which adjusts Loop Drummer’s tempo and also functions as a reverb send.