Product Spotlight

Fender Collection 2 for iPadClassic Fender tone on your iPad

Fulltone CollectionThe official Fulltone® effects collection for AmpliTube

iRig Recorder 3 for AndroidPro-audio recording and editing app with video for Android

iRig RecorderPro-audio recording and editing app with video for iPhone/iPad

iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar

iRig Pro I/OUniversal ultra-compact audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

iRig Nano AmpThe versatile micro amp with built-in iOS interface

Fender Collection 2The iconic collection of Fender® amps from the '57 Custom Series, '53 Bassman and '65 Super Reverb

MODO BASSThe first physically modeled electric bass virtual instrument

iKlip Grip ProProfessional multifunction iPhone and camera stand

iLoud Micro MonitorUltra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors

iRig Pro Duo Studio SuiteIncludes: iRig Pro Duo, iRig Mic Studio XLR, iRig Headphones, AmpliTube 4, T-RackS Deluxe, Mic Room, SampleTank 3 SE and Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE for Mac/PC

iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite DeluxeIncludes: iRig Pro Duo, iRig Keys Pro, iRig Mic Studio XLR, iRig Headphones, AmpliTube 4, T-RackS Deluxe, Mic Room, SampleTank 3 SE and Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CE for Mac/PC

iRig HD 2Professional quality digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC

SampleTank for iPhone/iPadProfessional mobile sound and groove workstation

iKlip A/VSmartphone broadcast mount for pro-quality audio/video

Lurssen Mastering Console for iPhone/iPadAudio mastering app for iPhone/iPad

Lurssen Mastering ConsoleAudio mastering software for Mac/PC

Saturator XMulti-Mode Harmonic Saturation Processor

SampleTank Custom ShopThe free sound and groove workstation with full functionality

Total Studio MAXThe ultimate studio bundle: Includes AmpliTube MAX, SampleTank MAX, T-RackS MAX and Miroslav Philharmonik 2.

AmpliTube MAXThe ultimate guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC with over 300 pieces of gear.

SampleTank MAXThe complete sound and groove workstation. Includes over 4,600 instruments and 52GB of samples.

T-RackS MAXMixing and mastering workstation with 33 audio processor models.

AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for iPadMESA/Boogie tone on your iPad

iRig BlueTurnBacklit compact Bluetooth page turner for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android

Miroslav Philharmonik 2The new orchestra with legendary soul

iRig Pro DuoUniversal dual channel audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

AmpliTube 4Hyper realistic guitar amp and FX software

AmpliTube 4 DeluxeHyper realistic guitar amp and FX software with over 116 pieces of gear

iRig Keys 2525 mini-key USB MIDI controller for Mac/PC

iRig Keys Mini25 key universal mini keyboard controller for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC

iRig Mic Studio XLRLarge-diaphragm, compact size, analog studio condenser microphone

iRig Mic StudioLarge-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

Instruments for SampleTank 3Add-on instruments for SampleTank 3

AmpliTube for iPadReal time guitar and bass mobile multiFX app

iRig 2Guitar & instrument interface adapter for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Android



PhoneScoop's review of IK's dual-channel, versatile interface

9 March 2017

“Does the iRig Pro DUO rock? Sure! Perhaps mostly importantly, the iRig Pro DUO supports two instruments at the same time, which means you can record or jam with a friend. I tested the iRig Pro DUO with two guitars, one guitar and a mic, and a keyboard and a mic and all three pairings worked perfectly.”


Among the best gear "as nominated by Gearslutz users"

2 February 2017

B&H, the New York City and online "A/V Eden", has included iRig Pro Duo in their Best Gear of 2016 list, as nominated by users of the extremely popular online audio forum Gearslutz.


IK’s mobile music interface delivers superior design and quality

12 December 2016

"We were very impressed with IK Multimedia's original iRig Pro when it came out two years ago — it's an accessory that does an excellent job of blending functionality from the company's prior iRig PRE XLR microphone interface, iRig HD guitar interface, and iRig MIDI adapter into a single unit that was even better than the sum of its parts. IK's iRig Pro DUO ($200), is a unit that adds a second channel to the multi-interface functionality of its predecessor along with a more elegant design and several additional small but useful enhancements."


Harmony-Central's review of IK's mobile music creation interface

12 December 2016

“If you want something that's ideal for mobile use, you're the target audience for the iRig Pro DUO. As usual with their products, IK Multimedia provides a useful collection of software, and the iRig Pro DUO is compatible with just about anything, whether tablet, smart phone, or computer.”


Business Insider's top pick for an interface is IK's iRig PRO

22 July 2016

"If you've been looking for an easy way to record high-quality music on-the-go then, the iRig Pro may be the solution you've been looking for. It's a one-plug solution that works not only with my Mac, but my iPhone and iPad too. You can record using any software you'd like…Most importantly, the sound was clean, and free of hum and distortion. Ease of use and iOS compatibility are what puts this device over the top for me."


"Simple to use and capable of professional-sounding results"

22 July 2016

Guitar & Bass Magazine have featured iRig Pro DUO in their "Six of the Best - Home Recording Essentials" round-up: "The home recording revolution has made it possible to get pro-level results on a shoestring budget."


"A real bargain, not only for its intrinsic quality but also for the amount of software that comes with it"

21 July 2016

"It’s hard to create a more versatile interface. The connectivity is really comprehensive and everything you may ever need is there. A very smart, well-conceived product."

"The ideal tool for all musicians who want to play on the go or in the studio"

12 July 2016

"The sound is faithful to the original source and without any artifacts: Being able to use such a tool on a mobile device is just incredible! From the viewpoint of quality and versatility, there is little to be said: it is a brand new generation interface."


"A versatile and affordable all-in-one studio for iOS, Android and desktop computers"

24 June 2016

Reviewing iRig Pro DUO in their July 2016 issue, Sound on Sound reports: "ln session, pre-amp and playback quality is perfectly respectable, and the interface is simple to operate."


Rock band uses IK Multimedia iRig hardware and apps in music video

23 May 2016

"We are constantly writing individually and together even when we aren’t in a studio or rehearsal space, so IK's products have really opened doors for us to be creative at any time and at any place! To make the song and the video, we all contributed our own parts and ideas on the fly, and were able to piece together each of our parts in completely different locations throughout the city. We wanted to literally show how creative you can be!"


"The best value and most widely compatible audio interface we have ever seen!"

24 February 2016

"It's got everything you need from a two channel audio interface – MIDI, phantom power, direct monitoring, signal metering and combi XLR/Hi-Z inputs."


AudioNewsRoom: "iRig Pro DUO is a great choice for mobile warriors"

10 February 2016

AudioNewsRoom has taken an in-depth look at iRig Pro DUO and found it to be portable, powerful and versatile: "iRig Pro DUO packs an impressive list of features for two channels of high-quality recordings,‘on-the-move’ or in the studio."


"The quality of recordings surprised us at every turn"

22 January 2016

Technology and gadgets site Gizmag has given iRig Pro DUO a full checkout - even taking it into the Australian bush! Reviewer Drew Gibson said: The quality of recordings surprised us at every turn. Vocals were crisp and clear, with nice dynamics, detail and excellent signal levels."


"With a much bigger set of features and connectivity than you might expect given both the price and size"

24 December 2015

MusicTech magazine has reviewed iRig Pro DUO in their January 2016 issue: "Great, compact interface with a much bigger set of features and connectivity than you might expect given both the price and size."


The major national daily says: "Reliable and capable of great sounding results despite its size"

11 December 2015

The Daily Mirror, one of the UK's leading national daily newspapers has reviewed iRig Pro DUO in their Gadgets section: "Expect to see this on the tour bus of seasoned performers as well as in the bedrooms of those starting out in the world of music production."


iRig Pro DUO highlighted in Future Music 2015 readers poll

27 November 2015

MusicRadar and Future Music's annual readers poll has highlighted iRig Pro DUO in their Best Music Tech Hardware of 2015 in the Best Audio Interface category.


"It's the smallest two-channel audio interface on the planet!"

9 November 2015

Stuff Magazine's Sam Kieldsen has taken a first look at iRig Pro DUO and is impressed with what he sees: "It's a professional quality mobile interface, no mere sketching device and its two inputs are fully justified."


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