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GrooveMaker - real-time remixing app for iPhone/iPod touch

GrooveMaker 2 - Remixing Reinvented

Latest Sound Packs

New Sound Pack Now Available
Available as in-app purchase.

Loop remixing taken to
a whole new dimension

GrooveMaker® 2 is the evolution of the revolutionary iPhone/iPod touch app designed to create non-stop electronic, dance and hip-hop tracks, in real-time, by anyone, anywhere, with results that sound like they were produced by a professional DJ.

Making music with loops will never be the same.



GrooveMaker 2 what’s new

  • Completely redesigned interface with minimalistic iOS7 style and gestures integration
  • New single application allows you to have all your loop collections in one place via in-app purchase (any GrooveMaker 1 loop packs you bought previously are unlocked and useable in Groovemaker 2 upon registration)
  • Song packs available for in-app purchase (3-5 "songs" per pack) in styles such as EDM, DubStep, House, Hip Hop, Techno, Trance, Electro, D’n’B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Rock, plus artist’s packs
  • New song pack available: GrooveMaker Trance 2
  • iRing integration available
  • New Matrix interface allows for simplified loop remixing – even by drawing
  • More flexible management of the Randomix algorithm
  • Durations of single loops can now be freely set
  • Durations of saved grooves can be freely set between 1/2 bar and 8 bars, and dramatic rhythmic effects created by pressing quarter-note to 32nd-note division buttons
  • 16 FX with automation and touch-pad-like interface
  • IMPORT functions allow you to easily import audio files or record your own and integrate them within the existing collection
  • New high-quality time-stretch for seamless groove tempo variation from 50% to 200% of original BPM without affecting the pitch
  • Real-time recorder of your remixing performance
  • Master control with Compressor, EQ and Filter
  • Sharing features include Audio Copy, E-mail, Wi-Fi, FTP, SoundCloud
  • Compatible with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and X-Sync
  • Universal compatibility, this app is designed for both iPhone and iPad


Remixing reinvented

GrooveMaker 2 - Remixing Reinvented

With GrooveMaker you have access to a completely new way of making music. GrooveMaker 2 gives you a pre-arranged set of loops, called a song, which always sound good together. Thanks to our patented “groove generator” technology, you can mix the loops together in virtually limitless ways, all with just one touch. It's like having the power of a DJ without the need for any musical skills or expensive equipment. With Groovemaker, ANYONE can be a DJ. Everything in GrooveMaker is done in real-time, without ever having to stop the music. Your creations will sound like hit songs made in a music production studio!


You can add, remove, and replace single or multiple loops as you listen, so there’s no interruption to your creative flow. Remixing is a breeze with GrooveMaker 2, it's a totally new experience that puts you in control of the groove. It’s your mix, and it all happens in real-time. Pick a drum groove. Layer on a bass riff. Add a bass drum beat. Spice it up with lead or effect loops. Browse millions of grooves with one touch. Change the tempo, loop and groove duration without stopping the music. Add effects and record their progression. Then save it all as a new remix for your own compositions, compilations or video soundtracks, and share it with the world.

Anyone, anywhere can use Groovemaker 2, you don't need previous musical knowledge to make great sounding grooves.



Touch screen or iRing

GrooveMaker 2 is fully operational using the device touchscreen, but the real fun is when you use it with the iRing controllers (sold separately at your favorite electronics and music retailers, or in our online store), a set of two “rings” you wear on your hands that feature dot patterns that GrooveMaker 2 recognizes. Wearing the iRing motion controllers you will be able to tweak GrooveMaker 2 effects or add/remove parts by waving your hands in front of the device camera. Plus move the rings clockwise or counterclockwise to trigger GrooveMaker 2 randomization.

Making music and creating killer real time effects for nonstop dance music and grooves is now easy and as simple as moving your hands!


GrooveMaker new Sound Pack Now Available
GrooveMaker Song Packs

GrooveMaker packs

There is a huge number of loops that you can remix in GrooveMaker. They come grouped in packs called “songs” of over 60 loops each, organized by category such as bass drum, loop, bass, line, pads, effects and percussion.

With our patented groove generation technology you can obtain millions of different groove combinations, based on 4 different A-D “Randomix” algorithms, which can produce Rhythmic, Mild, Instrumental or totally Random grooves on the 8 GrooveMaker tracks. All of this is done with just one touch.

The song packs available for in-app purchase comprise a huge range of musical styles including House, DubStep, Hip Hop, Techno, Trance, Electro, D’n’B, Reggae, Reggaeton and Rock.

We even offer artist’s packs from Ace from Skunk Anansie, Chris Domingo and Cool & Dre, with more to be released. And if you own a previously released GrooveMaker 1.0 app, simply register it to have your previous songs available in GrooveMaker 2 for free.


Grooving by drawing



As soon as you select a song you enter into the new Matrix interface, push the Randomix button and you will immediately see the building blocks of your groove appear on the grid and music will start playing. You can keep changing groove by tapping on the Randomix button, or you can literally “draw” new grooves directly on the grid. You can lock loops, solo and mute them, change volume and pan, and freely associate loops to each of the 8 available tracks from the song pool of available loops. And just take a snap of the groove, when you are satisfied with it, to memorize it for further sequencing.


Control duration and tempo

Together with the new Matrix interface, you also have access to the traditional Pad view, where the 8 large pads allow for more control during live performance. Now you can change the duration of the selected loop from inside the Pads view, by simply tapping and sliding on its waveform, for truly personalized grooves and maximum experimental creativity.

Pads Tempo Control Groove Length

Adjust the tempo

Adjust the groove length

With the new Groove length control, you can also change the duration of entire grooves, from a half bar to any length within the grooves' 8-bar duration. And with the new high-quality time-stretch you can change tempo of your groove from 50% to 200%, without changing its pitch, allowing you to synchronize it with other material and include GrooveMaker in even the most sophisticated DJ set up as a powerful creative tool. Tempo and duration information are also memorized when you take snaps of your grooves, for further sequencing and composition.


DJ-effects powerhouse

In the new GrooveMaker 2, you can further enhance your grooves with the new Effects interface, where you have 16 high-quality DJ-oriented effects at your disposal, from Filter to Delay, Stutter to Flanger, Crush to Noise, along with highly creative effects like Twist, Brake, Spin, and Tail that can only be found on the most professional DJ equipment. All the effects can be operated with a X-Y touch surface, where you can even record automation within the 8 bar groove duration, for ultra dynamic groove effects progressions.

Grid FX Master Comp

Add effects to the groove

Finalize your song with master effects

And if all that's not enough, you also have a new Master section in GrooveMaker 2 where you can give the finishing twist to your groove with a Compressor, an EQ and a filter, for a professional sound that can be cut straight to record.


Import and mix your own loops

Import Preview

Import or record your own loops

One of the most popular requests within the original GrooveMaker was to import user material, and this has been fully implemented in the Groovemaker 2. You can record your loops with your device and add them to your grooves. You will also be able to import audio directly from your iTunes library and other sources, cut it into loops, and auto-sync it effortlessly with your groove. That way you will be able to extract samples directly from existing records, and build tracks that are truly yours, on top of the rhythmic inspirational grooves that GrooveMaker 2 puts at your fingertips.


Build your mix and share it with the world

There are two ways to build a full-length track in the new GrooveMaker 2. Do it live by recording in real time everything that you are doing, using the new Live Recorder. You can also use the traditional Sequencer interface where you simply drag and drop the grooves that you have previously captured with the Snap function. This way you have the best of both worlds: either an impromptu live recording or your performance, or a fine-tuned programmed composition. And when you're done you can share your work with the world using the included export functions, which include Audio Copy, E-mail, Wi-fi, FTP and SoundCloud.

Sequence Composer Live Recorder

Build you groove sequence

Record your groove's evolutions


Works well with others

To make it easy to include GrooveMaker 2 in your set-up, we have made it compatible with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, and so you can take advantage of its powerful groove creation tools together with your other preferred apps, for the ultimate loop-based music creation. The X-Sync feature detects BPM from external audio sources and automatically syncs the groove (when used with iRig MIX).

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