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EQ P50ADiscrete Proportional Q 3-Band Equalizer and Preamp

EQ P50BDiscrete Proportional Q 4-Band Equalizer and Preamp

EQ P60GDiscrete Proportional Q 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and Preamp

iRig Mic FieldStereo audio/video field microphone for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iKlip Xpand StandUniversal tabletop riser stand for iPad and tablets

iRig Mic HDDigital handheld microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac

SampleTank 3 FreeThe ultimate free sound and groove workstation

SampleTank 3The ultimate sound and groove workstation

iRig MIDI 2Universal MIDI interface for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Mac/PC

iKlip Stage for iPadScore management and page turning for iPad

iKlip XpandUniversal mic stand support for iPad and tablets

iKlip Xpand MiniUniversal mic stand support for iPhone, iPod touch and smartphones

iRig VoiceHandheld microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android

iRingMotion controller for music apps and more

iRing Music Maker for iPadLoop remixing app for iPad

iRing Music Maker for iPhone/iPod touchLoop remixing app for iPhone/iPod touch

iRing FX/Controller for iPadProfessional effects and MIDI control app for iPad

iRing FX/Controller for iPhone/iPod touchProfessional effects and MIDI control app for iPhone/iPod touch

AmpliTube Orange for iPadOrange tone on your iPad

AmpliTube Orange for iPhone/iPod touchOrange tone on your iPhone

GrooveMaker 2 for iPadLoop remixing app for iPad

GrooveMaker 2 for iPhone/iPod touchLoop remixing app for iPhone/iPod touch

Master EQ 432World Class High Performance Discrete Mastering Equalizer

T-RackS ProcessorsAll the processors available inside T-RackS Custom Shop

UltraTunerThe most precise digital tuner available for iOS

iRig KEYS PROThe full-sized-key universal mobile keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

iRig KEYS with LightningUniversal keyboard controller for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Mac/PC

iLoudThe first studio-quality portable speaker designed for musicians and audiophiles

iRig BlueBoardBluetooth MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac

iRig PROUniversal audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac

iRig HDHigh-quality digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac

T-RackS Custom ShopMixing and Mastering Plug-Ins On Demand - Now with Custom Shop!

AmpliTube Custom ShopGuitar amp & FX modeling plug-in. Now with Custom Shop!

AmpliTube for iPhone/iPod touch - Now iOS 7 and Inter-App Audio compatible

Your expandable guitar rig and recording studio... always with you

Latest Gear

AmpliTube Orange Now Available
Available as in-app purchase or standalone app

AmpliTube — A complete professional guitar & bass multi-effects processor, recording and editing studio and riff-learning tool for iPhone and iPod touch.

AmpliTube 3 turns your iPhone and iPod touch into the ultimate mobile guitar/bass, multi-effects processor and recording studio/editing suite, offering up digital versions of your favorite analog amps, effects and recording gear. AmpliTube gives you incredibly realistic amp tones and effects, full recording processing and editing capabilities, a powerful programmable drummer for easy creation of drum parts, and a timeline-audio editor and sequencer — all in a mobile app from the leaders in analog gear modeling software for professional recording studios. Now you can jam anywhere and capture your ideas right as they happen.

Inter-App Audio compatible

The signal chain

To take advantage of all AmpliTube has to offer, you first need to get your guitar/bass/vocal/instrument sound into it. We’ve got some fabulous ways for you to do that, including the new iRig PRO universal audio/MIDI interface, the iRig HD digital audio interface, the original iRig guitar interface, the iRig STOMP “stompbox” style interface, and the iRig Mic, iRig PRE and iRig MIC Cast compact microphone. Once you get your signal into your iPhone or iPod touch, you’re ready to rock!

Your new favorite guitar rig - always with you

At its most basic level, AmpliTube is an incredibly fun and intuitive guitar-and-bass rig that allows you to jam anywhere with world-class tone. Just like a traditional live setup, you get a tuner (with the option upgrade to UltraTuner, the most accurate tuner on iOS via in-app purchase), three daisy-chained stompbox effects running into an amp-head with effects, plus a speaker cabinet and a microphone.

In itself, that’s a pretty amazing thing, and you’ll be completely blown away by the huge range of tones you can dial in, but AmpliTube also offers you a full-featured, expandable recording studio with a built-in drum module, a mastering suite, a timeline-audio editing studio plus some nifty tools to help you learn and practice your licks anywhere you go.


Stompbox effects and Amps

The gear

AmpliTube comes with 11 stompbox effects (delay, fuzz, overdrive, wah, envelope filter, chorus, flanger, phaser, octave, noise filter + distortion, once registered), 5 amps (clean, crunch, lead, metal, bass) with full controls, 5 speaker cabinets and 2 microphones (dynamic and condenser). If you plug in the new iRig PRO or iRig HD, you instantly get an additional 4 pieces of gear: the Metal 150, the Metal W, the Wharmonator pitch bend and harmonizer “whammy” pedal, and the X-Flanger.

So basically AmpliTube includes everything you need to cover virtually any style of music. You can spend hours and hours creating guitar and bass tones with all the killer effects and amps that are included. But we couldn’t stop there…

And more gear

Now, here's (yet another) cool part: You can also add more gear to your AmpliTube version via the in-app purchase system. You can add all the AmpliTube Orange® gear, the AmpliTube Fender® gear, the VocaLive vocal effects processors, the AmpliTube Slash and the AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ gear models, for an amazing array of tones and effects, all on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can get entire collections, or individual models like the Soldano® “Super Lead Overdrive” SLO-100 and the classic Ampeg® B15R Portaflex “Flip Top,” the T-Rex Engineering® “Moller” Classic overdrive and more.

For a complete list of available gear, check here.


Soldano® SLO-100* Ampeg® B-15R* T-Rex® Moller* Metal Distortion* Big Pig*

* available as in-app purchase


Add the most precise iOS tuner ever to AmpliTube

UltraTuner on iPhone and iPad

UltraTuner is the most precise iOS tuner ever, accurate down to 1/100th of a cent (10 times more accurate than a mechanical strobe tuner), and you can get a version that integrates into AmpliTube's user interface via a simple in-app purchase.

UltraTuner features two modes: Stage and Studio. In Stage mode, the display is big and easy to see, even from a distance in low-light conditions. The large center bar turns green when a note is in tune, and graduated flat and sharp indicators light up for out-of-tune notes.

Studio mode offers either a pitch-over-time display as each note plays and decays, or an oscilloscope-like green wave that moves left for flat, right for sharp, and stops when you’re in tune. It's great for tuning, for instrument setups (guitar techs will love UltraTuner), and even for vocal and instrument pitch training and practice.

You can get UltraTuner from the in-app store in your AmpliTube app. First make sure you have the lastest version of AmpliTube (updates are free), then open AmpliTube, open the Menu and choose Store.

Read more about UltraTuner here.


AmpliTube Studio
A recording and editing studio — always ready and at your fingertips

AmpliTube has always been about putting your favorite amps and effects in your pocket so you can jam anywhere. But now you can capture your ideas quickly by recording your performances with the built-in recorder, edit to perfection with the new AmpliTube Studio timeline-audio editing suite, and then share your compositions by exporting high-quality WAV or m4A files.

No setup required

AmpliTube comes with a built-in single-track mixer/recorder that you can expand to a full-fledged professional multi-track studio by adding the 4-track recorder plus master effects section (available as in-app purchase) which is all housed in an ultra-cool vintage-style "cassette tape" recording interface. In AmpliTube, the recording mixer gives you full track control including mute, solo, pan, level, and a send into the master effects section, providing you with a powerful yet incredibly intuitive way to record. And it’s always “on” and available with no additional setup, crabby studio engineers or temperamental producers. You’re free to record any time, anywhere.

What’s more, the new AutoFreeze feature allows you to “freeze” the effects on a track (in other words, write them to the track), freeing up AmpliTube’s effects engine to use on another track, which can then be frozen and so forth. As a result, you can have full effects on every track. And if you want to go back and tweak an effects setting, no problem, you can “un-freeze” the effects on a track to make your adjustments.


AmpliTube Studio

AmpliTube Studio “DAW-style” editing

The new AmpliTube Studio feature (available via in-app purchase) gives you a full professional editing suite with DAW-style, timeline-audio region editing and production tools, plus full track controls, looping and punch-in recording. This means that you can now compose, arrange, remix, edit and produce complete songs from start to finish on the go, anytime and everywhere, with the same level of high-end studio quality found in your desktop/laptop recording, sequencing and editing programs. Just another handy dramatic turn in the mobile music-making revolution! Feel free to thank us with royalty checks.

Read more about the new AmpliTube Studio feature here.


Loop Drummer
Inter-App Audio
Download Audiobus

Groove man!

AmpliTube now has a secret weapon called Loop Drummer that always shows up, is always in the pocket and doesn’t hit on your girlfriend. It’s a loop-based drum module that gives you smokin' drum tracks to record, jam, and practice with. It's like having your own session drummer inside AmpliTube — ready to rock out 24/7. Loop Drummer automatically syncs to the transport of AmpliTube's recorder, allowing you to record your parts with a solid drum track anchoring the rhythm. In Studio mode, the first track you see at the top of the screen is the “Loop Drummer” track. Here, all your drum parts can be rearranged, deleted or duplicated with simple gestures. And don’t worry — the Loop Drummer track doesn’t take up one of the 4 tracks available for recording. We wouldn’t do that to you.

Read more about Loop Drummer here.

Get Connected

AmpliTube is now fully compatible with Apple's new iOS 7, including the Inter-App Audio feature, which allows you to connect the output from one app to the input of another. AmpliTube functions as an "Effects" app in an Inter-App Audio setup, processing audio from other apps in realtime with its powerful amp models and effects. For example, it works great in tandem with Apple GarageBand.

AmpliTube is also Audiobus compatible. Audiobus is a third-party app (not included) that allows for realtime audio routing between up to three apps. Starting with version 2.9.5, AmpliTube can be used in any of the three Audiobus slots — Input, Effects, Output — in the Audiobus chain.

INPUT: Play guitar or bass through AmpliTube's amp models and effects, and then send that audio on to other apps in the chain. You could even send a Loop Drummer track into the other apps.

EFFECTS: Use AmpliTube's powerful models and effects to process audio from another compatible instrument app, such as SampleTank, iLectric Piano or iGrand Piano, before sending to its final destination.

OUTPUT: Use AmpliTube to process and/or record the audio coming from the other apps in the chain. If you have the AmpliTube Studio option installed, AmpliTube will function like a computer-based DAW.


A guitar teacher always with you

AmpliTube also has an extremely cool song player section that lets you import songs or backing tracks, then adjust the tempo (slow it down/speed it up), without changing pitch, so you can learn licks or just practice your chops. The new NO VOICE vocal-canceling feature allows you to turn off the lead vocal or guitar solo from an existing mix so that you play along with the track yourself. A chromatic tuner and a metronome are also included, so you always play in tune and in time.


Control yourself

AmpliTube is MIDI compatible, which means you can use your existing MIDI floor controller to "wah", control volume, add gain, change presets, adjust delay times, and anything else you can tweak on the screen — only without touching a thing. And it couldn't be easier to use: simply connect your MIDI interface (like our iRig MIDI interface for iOS devices) to your iPhone or iPod touch, then connect your MIDI controller to the interface and you are ready to control.

Preset mania

AmpliTube includes a powerful preset system for managing all of your sounds. Presets are sound settings created with various combinations of gear and saved for quick recall. They're organized in a folder-panel system to make storing, finding and recalling your library of sounds even easier. There are also 4 dedicated "favorites" buttons with 10 available banks store your 40 most used presets for instant recall. And when the entire AmpliTube Fender® gear bundle, AmpliTube Slash gear bundle, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ gear bundle or the entire VocaLive effects bundles are purchased, the new preset system shows their related presets.


What's New

  • AmpliTube Studio Feature adds DAW-style professional studio timeline-editing features
  • AutoFreeze feature allows for multiple effects chains to be used on a recording
  • When used with iRig PRO or iRig HD, you get 4 additional gear models: the Metal 150, the Metal W, the Wharmonator “whammy” pedal and the X-Flanger
  • Real-time guitar and bass mobile multiFX + recording studio app
  • Ultra-low latency for live performance
  • Full rig with 3 simultaneous stomp boxes + amp with effects + cabinet + mic
  • 11 stomp boxes, 5 amps, 5 cabinets, 2 mics
  • Expandable with gear from Orange®, Fender®, AmpliTube SLASH, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™, Soldano®, Ampeg®, T-Rex® and more
  • Expandable with 5 vocal effects from VocaLive
  • Single-track recorder expandable to full 4-track recording studio with master effects section, via in-app purchase
  • Loop Drummer, a loop-based programmable drum module. Expandable with additional Style packs via in-app purchase
  • Compatible with Audiobus
  • MIDI Control feature for parameter modification and preset changes (requires a MIDI adapter like the iRig MIDI) — available as in-app purchase — free if you already use iRig MIDI or iRig PRO
  • Works with all your device inputs — analog as well as the 30-pin and Lightning digital inputs
  • Export high quality audio (WAV/m4A) via email, FTP, iTunes and direct to SoundCloud
  • Import and play songs for use as backing tracks directly from your iPod library or computer
  • Change the tempo (-50% to +200%) of imported songs without affecting their pitch
  • NO VOICE feature allows you to effectively remove the lead vocal or guitar solo from existing tracks
  • Powerful preset system for managing presets and favorites
  • Included tuner and metronome
  • Compatible with Apple's iOS 7 including the Inter-App Audio feature. (Note: iOS 7 does not support iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or earlier, or iPod touch older than 5th generation.)
  • FREE version also available
  • AmpliTube Orange®, the ofiicial certified collection of Orange gear, can now be installed into AmpliTube via convenient in-app purchase.
  • UltraTuner, the most precise iOS tuner ever, can now be installed into AmpliTube via convenient in-app purchase.

Use iRig PRO, iRig HD or iRig STOMP to connect your guitar to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and iRig BlueBoard to control AmpliTube .



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