Product Spotlight

Sounds for SampleTank 3Add-on sounds for SampleTank 3

UltraTuner for AndroidThe most precise digital tuner available for Android

iRig 2Guitar & instrument interface adapter for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Android

iRig UAUniversal guitar effects processor and interface for Android

iRig Mic StudioLarge-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

iRig PowerBridgeUniversal charging solution for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch digital iRig accessories

iRig Mic FieldUltra-compact audio/video stereo field mic for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iRig Mic HD-ADigital handheld microphone for Android and PC

iRig HD-AHigh-quality digital guitar interface for Android and PC

iRig PadsMIDI groove controller for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

iKlip Xpand StandUniversal tabletop riser stand for iPad and tablets

iRig Mic HDDigital handheld microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

SampleTank 3The ultimate sound and groove workstation

iRig MIDI 2Universal MIDI interface for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Mac/PC

iKlip XpandUniversal mic stand support for iPad and tablets

iKlip Xpand MiniUniversal mic stand support for iPhone, iPod touch and smartphones

iRig KEYS PROThe full-sized-key universal mobile keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

iRig KEYS with LightningUniversal keyboard controller for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and Mac/PC

iLoudThe first studio-quality portable speaker designed for musicians and audiophiles

iRig BlueBoardBluetooth MIDI pedalboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac

iRig PROUniversal audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

iRig HDHigh-quality digital guitar interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

Come to the Frankfurt show to see the latest and greatest product innovations from IK!

24 March 2015

Members of the IK team will be on hand at the show from April 15th-18th 2015 in Hall 5.1, stand B79. Come and meet us and get some hands-on demonstrations of the latest and forthcoming IK products!


TapSmart: "An essential bit of kit!"

23 March 2015

TapSmart, the site that shows you how to get the best from your iPhone and iPad, has gone in-depth with iRig 2: "A great piece of kit and a huge leap forward for iRig – current fans will welcome the boost, and newer users will find themselves with all the features they need."


"The sound quality you'll be treated to with the iLoud is fantastic."

12 March 2015

Mobile gear reviews site, Phonecruncher, were excited to test out iLoud: "The iLoud aims to function effectively as both a mini amp for musicians and a Bluetooth speaker for more casual users. Here at Phonecruncher, we think the iLoud succeeds in its mission to please both parties."


iRig Mic HD, iRig Mic Field and iRig PRE used to create the first ever mobile special edition

9 March 2015

Technology programmes love to set themselves challenges to test out the latest gear. BBC Click decided to use the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, as the perfect opportunity to try out the video and sound capabilities of the latest smartphones and, of course, their accessories. Their challenge - to record the entire programme using mobile devices only.

AudioNewsRoom: "IK Multimedia has a very good and versatile product here"

26 February 2015

"For me, iRig Pads proved to be a very good choice. Banging on some real pads instead of a glass surface or a keyboard DOES make a difference... I think IK Multimedia has a very good and versatile product here."


"it could be all you need!"

12 February 2015

MusicRadar have included iRig HD in their February 2015 round-up - 13 of the Best Budget USB Audio Interfaces. "With 24-bit audio quality, the iRig HD translates your guitar sound well, sending a clean, dynamic signal."


"It’s all your call. Impressively, it’s also largely straightforward and intuitive."

29 January 2015

"Enter GrooveMaker 2. It’s been around for a while on iOS, but just made the leap to Android, where far fewer high-end music-creativity apps exist. On that basis alone, it’d be welcome; however, it also happens to be huge fun to play around with."


"Perfectly suited to additive frequency shaping that capture the essence of the originals"

9 January 2015

"The best thing about the designs is that even at high gain, the Q is never too narrow, sounding musical at all times and being ideal for adding crack and body to snares, punch to kicks, and mid-range presence to guitars and vocals."


"Great sounding simulations of Orange amps, cabinets & stompbox effects"

5 January 2015

"Orange Amplifiers have been a long-time favourite among guitarists and the new IK Multimedia AmpliTube Orange App for iPad allows you to take the legendary Orange rig and effects with you on the go."


"Another winner from IK Multimedia!"

30 December 2014

"EQ73 is stable and light on CPU, offering a very sophisticated sound with an analogue touch. The EQ bands deliver a typically generous, still pithy sound which is perfect, particularly for highlighting distinctive elements."

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