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Saturator XMulti-Mode Harmonic Saturation Processor

SampleTank Custom ShopThe free sound and groove workstation with full functionality

Miroslav Philharmonik 2 CEThe best orchestral instrument for musicians on a budget

Total Studio MAXThe ultimate studio bundle: Includes AmpliTube MAX, SampleTank MAX, T-RackS MAX and Miroslav Philharmonik 2.

AmpliTube MAXThe ultimate guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC with over 300 pieces of gear.

SampleTank MAXThe complete sound and groove workstation. Includes over 4,600 instruments and 52GB of samples.

T-RackS MAXMixing and mastering workstation with 33 audio processor models.

AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for iPadMESA/Boogie tone on your iPad

AmpliTube MESA/Boogie for iPhoneMESA/Boogie tone on your iPhone

Lurssen Mastering Console for iPadAudio mastering app for iPad

Lurssen Mastering ConsoleAudio mastering software for Mac/PC

iLoud Micro MonitorThe smallest studio reference monitor in the world

iKlip A/VSmartphone broadcast mount for pro-quality audio/video

iRig BlueTurnBacklit compact Bluetooth page turner for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android

Miroslav Philharmonik 2The new orchestra with legendary soul

iRig AcousticAcoustic guitar microphone/interface for iPhone, iPad and Mac

AmpliTube AcousticAcoustic guitar tone on your iPhone/iPad

iRig Pro DuoUniversal dual channel audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

AmpliTube 4Hyper realistic guitar amp and FX software

AmpliTube 4 DeluxeHyper realistic guitar amp and FX software with over 116 pieces of gear

AmpliTube MESA/BoogieThe official MESA/Boogie amp & cab collection inside AmpliTube Custom Shop

iRig Mic LavThe chainable lavalier mic with built in monitoring for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android

iRig Keys 2525 mini-key USB MIDI controller for Mac/PC

iRig Keys 3737 mini-key USB MIDI controller for Mac/PC

iRig Keys 37 PRO37 full-sized-key USB MIDI controller for Mac/PC

iRig Keys Mini25 key universal mini keyboard controller for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC

iRig KeysUniversal keyboard controller for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC

iRig Keys ProThe full-sized-key universal mobile keyboard for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android and Mac/PC

iRig Mic StudioLarge-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

iRig UAUniversal guitar effects processor and interface for Android, PC and Mac

iKlip GripMultifunctional smartphone and camera stand

Instruments for SampleTank 3Add-on instruments for SampleTank 3

AmpliTube for iPhone/iPod touchReal time guitar and bass mobile multiFX app

AmpliTube for iPadReal time guitar and bass mobile multiFX app

AmpliTube UAReal time guitar and bass multi-effects processor for all Android devices

iRig 2Guitar & instrument interface adapter for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Android

iRig Mic FieldUltra-compact audio/video stereo field mic for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

iKlip XpandUniversal mic stand support for iPad and tablets

VocaLive for iPadReal time vocal processor and recording app for iPad

VocaLiveReal time vocal processor and recording app for iPhone/iPod touch
Steven Wilson Uses SampleMoog, SampleTron and iKlip On Tour

Dave Kerzner & Steven Wilson

iKlip on stage with Steven Wilson
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Grace For Drowning
iKlip for iPad

By Dave Kerzner, a progressive rock adventure story

Here are quotes from Dave Kerzner about how Steven Wilson uses SampleMoog, SampleTron and iKlip on tour with "Porcupine Tree":

"Steven Wilson of the progressive rock band Porcupine Tree has released his second solo album entitled 'Grace For Drowning'. I befriended Steven in 2010 as he was integrating IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality products into his studio set up. Products like T-RackS, AmpliTube, SampleTank, SampleTron and SampleMoog quickly became an important part of his arsenal of music tools that he uses inside Apple's Logic on the Mac. Steven uses a combination of live hardware instruments, often vintage keyboards and guitars for example, as well as cutting edge software to create his music. During the making of 'Grace For Drowning' I also contributed various keyboard and guitar oriented 'sound design' on a 23 minute epic song called "Radier II" which also featured Jordan Rudess of the band Dream Theatre on keyboards. The entire album is filled with Steven's multi-instrumental performances and vocals as well as performances from top rock and jazz musicians such as Theo Travis, Nic France, Steve Hackett, Pat Mastellato and many others. Having just finished remixing nearly the entire King Crimson catalog with Robert Fripp, Steven had been influenced in many ways while working on his latest release, Grace For Drowning."

"On November 8th, I caught up with Steven in Orlando to see his first ever solo gig in the United States. He performed songs from 'Grace For Drowning' live at the House of Blues with Marco Minnemann on drums, Adam Holzman on keyboards, Theo Travis on winds and keys, Nick Beggs on bass and stick plus a new addition to the solo band for this leg of the tour, John Wesley on guitar. John has played live previously with Steven Wilson's popular progressive rock band Porcupine Tree but this was John's first gig with Steven's solo band. He was given the gig on short notice and had only one week to learn his parts! His IK Multimedia iKlip was a key part of his live rig for important notes and cues he needed to see on stage with his iPad®. Steven and Adam were running Logic Main Stage on their Apple computers with various Sonic Reality and IK Multimedia sounds used on the album. It was an incredible show with great musicianship. A mixture of jazz-infused progressive rock and dark modern alternative with huge dynamics rich with mood and atmosphere."

Dave Kerzner, (aka Squids)

For Steven's latest tour dates and information about his latest album visit his website, "Grace for Drowning". 

Listen to Steven Wilson talk with Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality about SampleTron and SampleMoog in an exclusive phone interview.

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